Friday, October 15, 2010

Magazines And What's Worth Keeping

The basement purge began in earnest this August. And one of my foremost realizations while purging was, there are very very few magazines worth holding on to past the end of the month.

Not that I've had an easy time throwing them away. I've been slowly culling through the bales of print in the basement, and while 99% of what I'm looking at gets a quick flick into the Blue Box, there is still the occasional issue that returns to the (now roomier) shelf downstairs. Then there are others joining a growing pile next to the door, because they have one or two articles that still engage, or maybe even just a quote or two.

I've decided that if it's just a quote I'm keen on, I should post it up here and give the bundle of paper the old heave-ho. If the article is on-line I will link to it; otherwise, the enjoyable quote just exists as it is, in all its virtual, context-free glory. For the first example, scroll down.


paul bowman said...

An excellent plan. Bring on the choice excerpts! I only wish I could hang/could've hung out with you for a couple of hours of culling.

DarkoV said...
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DarkoV said...

Lingering in the basement. A dangerous plan as lingering easily leads to pitching a tent and bidding the family adieu for a week or two.
Safest bet, IMHO, is to bring along a can of gasoline and a Zippo. You have to show all that paper who's the Man. I'm sure there were some treasured mags down there giving you the (pseudo) Travis Bickle.

"Are you reading me?"
"Are you reading ME?"

Whisky Prajer said...

Bales of material are being dragged to the curb, with much wringing of hands and sneezing of irritated nose. But no issue will leave this house before its time. (Well ... I guess that's rather obvious, now, isn't it?)