Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Obligatory Hockey Post

Normally, my heart would be with the Flyers, who were my childhood favorites (yes, even during the Broadstreet Bully years -- my first three years of life were spent in Philly). Chicago, on the other hand, has always had my favorite logo. They're also an unpredictable team, with the sort of fans I wish Toronto would garner. My heart is with the 'hawks.

(I look crap in red, but is this not the spankiest jersey out there?)


DarkoV said...

No doubt who I'm folowing since both the Devils of Jersey and the Habs de Montreal have packed their gear and unpacked their clubs.

Besides...WPP...I'm a tad surprised. In this day and age is it safe to admit that one roots for a team carrying a Native Indian name? Or, have we finally come full circle (FINALLY), and decided it's o.k. and not a crime to take on the proud history of our first residents (and the only "legals" in the country)?

Philly is destined this year, especially since they vanquished the other team of destiny, Montreal's Le Bleu-Blanc-Rouge.

Whatever..it should be a great series with much of the flying teeth, bodies, and finely honed greetings between the respective clubs' fans. I say Seven Games and the winner wll be.....

DarkoV said...

PS. as regards the jersey, 2 points.

1) Almost any jersey is better than the Phlyers. Come on! Orange!
2) In the bowels of the just passed US National Health Plan there is a clause that will go far in preserving people's mental health. No man over the age of 29 is EVER allowed to wear a Professinal Sports Jersey (kit) UNLESS they are actually playing that professional sport. A woman is allowed to wear a professional sports jersey ONLY IF she wears it as a dress AND if she is not sporting a tatoo detailing the Road to Mandalay.

Whisky Prajer said...

You know, I was a fan of Chicago's jersey back when this Politically Correct line of thinking was really taking charge -- when Tumbleweeds was getting punted from papers for precisely the reasons you allude to. I never offered any line of defense when it came to my aesthetic, because I thought the whole thing was ridiculous.

As for Flyers' Orange -- it'll be an icy day in Phoenix before anyone comes up with a less appealing uniform than any of the Canuck's options, to date.