Thursday, May 13, 2010


Nick Hornby forces me to reconsider my "occasionally buy it off the newsstand" policy, re: The Believer. Is it finally time to subscribe?


DarkoV said...

Why doesn't Mr. H. simply hire an editor (there have got to be gobs of them around what with hatchet-wielding at book publishers and newspaper mags) and trot out a magazine on his own? Maybe not monthly; quarterly would do.

I've bought a few Believers and, frankly, the magazine's a PITA. Since they're not moderately priced (even if I were to subscribe rather than do the occassional purchase), I tend to hold onto them for a while.
A growing pile of published matter in my house? Hmmm, not conducive to domestic trnaquility.

Whisky Prajer said...

I agree on all points, DV. In the past I've simply waited for the Believer to get around to printing the collected Hornby, but this is a task usually two years' in the making, and there's always at least one other piece per issue I'm grateful for.

On the other hand, those Believers have the haughtiest looks on their faces when you finally drop them in the recycling box. "Recycling? Moi?!"

Stark times bring stark choices.