Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Short Clips: A Scanner Darkly

I found A Scanner Darkly, the Richard Linklater/Philip K. Dick movie from 2006, in the 2-for-$5 DVD bin and took it home. Four years ago the film was covered by WIRED for its technological gim-crackery, but made nary a ripple among the critics. This weekend I gave it a spin, and loved it.

I thought it was trippy, paranoid, funny and deeply intuitively tragic -- the first film to be completely true to Dick, in other words. Not only was the movie worth my while, I also very much look forward to listening to the audio commentary* (A)

*with Linklater, Keanu Reeves, Jonathan Lethem and Dick's daughter Isa.


DarkoV said...

Jonathan Lethem? Really? Wow! How was he involved; scriptwriter?

Whisky Prajer said...

Lethem is listed as a "consultant" in the end credits; the DVD menu touts him as "Philip K. Dick historian." At the time Lethem must have been putting the final touches on his Dick edition for the Library of America.