Thursday, April 01, 2010

One Day In Dallas

I really like the controversial Erykah Badu video for "Window Seat." You can see it here -- NSFW, I suppose, although her feminine particulars are generously pixel-blurred. I understand there are people in Dallas who aren't nearly so charmed, but I think it's a fab bit of performance art set to a very lovely song. These last few days I've been trying to give Gorillaz their due, but I have to say: Ms. Badu, musically and conceptually, has it all over the cartoon rappers.


Yahmdallah said...

Yep. I had a vague idea what the vid was about because I had read a description, but I didn't expect her to go full molly since it was clearly done without warning and there were so many people there.

Whisky Prajer said...

Some folks speculate that it's all been done in a green room, but I just can't see it. That would be an incredibly expensive stunt to pull off. By now it would have been re-couped, but who could have predicted that? Better to just go ahead and do it.

yahmdallah said...

I agree. Besides cost, I think the arguments against a green screen are:
1) when she's crossing the street with people behind her, they're looking at her as well as the camera man - that would've been hard to get right on green screen
2) the fact that the camera's always in motion and it's one uninterrupted shot. Most green screens have the background stable so they can put the other stuff in easily, or it's a lot of quick cuts so you don't have to do one long seamless shot where the background has to move correctly too (just kind of guessing on this one since I've never actually done green screen and have only seen what they'll show you on extras and the web).