Sunday, October 04, 2009

We Pause For Blogular Identification

Where, in the instructions, does it say parenting is actually gets busier as the children get older and increasingly self-directed? That seems to be the chapter I glossed over.

I believe it was Sloan Wilson who talked about "the tired 30s," but it's Whisky Prajer who's talking about the verge-of-exhaustion 40s. There are shifts in perspective that occur during this particular decade, and I have every good intention of exploring a few of them. Just one example: guess who agreed to being assistant coach of his daughter's ringette team? That's right: this guy.

I just need a few minutes of alone-time with my keyboard. Until that happens, things could remain a little "lite" around here.


paul bowman said...

'First-rate post this was', thinking to myself while reading. Then I get to the bottom of the comments; apparently that post made a similar impression on me three years ago.

Lite is alright. Being Dad comes first, obviously. Anyhow, it never hurt the blogging around here — obviously.

DarkoV said...

I think back on those days (those days being the time when the kids were still more than happy to have the old man creaking around offering sage advice) with a huge nostalgic sigh.

But, when I was living those days, well, the heart was willing but the mind was thinking, "Hey!?? Where's my free time?"

I am so glad that the heart waylaid the mind and left the latter out of commission for a few years. Funny how the mind is spending so much time these days enjoying what a "beating" the heart put it through.

You're not going to be pushing the NJ Devils' brand of offense as the asst coach, are you?

Whisky Prajer said...

Thanks, PB

DV - I certainly will not be pushing the Devils' brand of offense. I'm not sure exactly what I'll be pushing, other than me as I foray beyond my deeply entrenched comfort zones.