Sunday, October 04, 2009

Monty Python's Flying Circus: What Happened To The Love?

McNally-Robinson in Winnipeg was selling the complete Monty Python's Flying Circus box o' DVDs for a criminally low price, so I went ahead and passed them the plastic (here's the Amazon listing, for a great deal more than I paid). Once we arrived home we unpacked the box and started watching.

I've had some second thoughts about the purchase. First of all, it's not as funny as I remembered. It's not like I'm stone-faced while watching: I'm usually smiling, and every once in a while something catches me off-guard and gets me giggling. But there are plenty of sketches which, frankly, are complete duds. I'd forgotten those, and for good reason.

Then there are all those sketches I hadn't forgotten, because for the past three decades I couldn't join a movie queue that didn't contain at least one person who felt obliged to mount a solo Spamalot performance. Words cannot describe my relief when The Kids In The Hall finally gained the higher hipster cred ("Lopez!").

Finally, there's the issue of the effect these jokers have on my daughters -- specifically, on their accents. Even a doting daddy-o gets weary when his girls insist on calling, "Faaw-thaah?" Of course, it could be so much worse: it could be, like, those two hosers with the toques, eh?


DarkoV said...

Don't be dissing those two hosers!?! They are the 3 Stooges w/o the bodily harm,

Whisky Prajer said...

True enough. I wasn't quite 100% when I wrote this post. I wanted to reach for an act that grew tired on second viewing, something a little more au courrant than late career Mel Brooks. I'm afraid I'm still at a loss.

cs said...

Python is testiment to how it is important to keep throwing stuff out there and what is great will stick. Too many people work forever on thier perfect recording or perfect novel and nothing sees the light of day. I've come to believe that life is short, just keep pushing stuff out there and don't hold back, you get better doing this and every once and a while something great happens.

Whisky Prajer said...

No truer words were spoken -- or posted. Besides, it wouldn't do to slag Python and elevate Styx ... would it?