Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dan Zanes

I apologize for the light blogging of late. The demands of spring, the needs of family and the end-of-season follies on ice all conspire to keep me from considered composition. Instead, I'll link to a couple of interviews with Dan Zanes -- rocker-turned-mensch, and something of a role model for yours truly. I'm not sure when he won the Esky (pictured at right -- I don't even know if the magazine still gives 'em out) but belated congratulations are in order. Here is Zanes' official website.

Getting back to hockey: the best games seem to be played by teams on the west coast. And here's a particular curiosity: Vancouver game play (so far) is among the most exciting in the play-offs. How can this be, when so many of their players are former Leafs?!

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