Friday, September 12, 2008

How To Inspire Bicycle Lust

BoingBoing links to Ray Dobbins' photo-workshop, where he explains how to take jaw-droppingly gorgeous shots of bicycles while on a budget. I followed some of his instruction until the neat-as-a-pin garage/workshop caught my eye and distracted me. His gallery is here. Medici, de Rosa, Eddy Merckx ... what: no Sekine? You're still slummin' it, dude!


DarkoV said...

You've crossed that age line where Bike Porn seems to have settled in. Careful.
Rocking Chair Porn can't be too far away.
Caution: ASFFV (All Safe For Family Viewing)

Whisky Prajer said...

I actually thought about titling this post "Bicycle Porn" but drew back, fretting over the gratuitous of it. But that is exactly what these pictures are, especially for any fellow who can't muster more than 90 minutes on a ride, never mind retrace Sir Lance's victory passage(s) through France.