Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Year To Be (The Pleasant Version)

Some treats I'm looking forward to, beginning with my reading docket:

Twelve Blackfeet Stories, by Mary Scriver. Her blog rates as a daily must-read. I can't wait to read the stories — her words deserve the permanence of paper and ink.

Infidelities: Stories of War & Lust, by Josip Novakovich. Mr. Novakovich (yet another fine introduction, courtesy of that purveyor of fine prose Darko V.) is a master at extending the generous invitation. I'm also looking forward to giving JN's Fiction Writer's Workshop a spin.

Blind Night by Cordelia Strube. I'd love to see this woman become as big as Barbara Kingsolver.

There's a host more, of course. I regularly raid the remainder tables of book stores large and small, and have got quite the heap of bound paper holding down a corner of my office floor. Stay tuned.

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prairie mary said...

Thanks for the plug, Preacher! I'll try to live up to it! Here's to Lulu in the coming year!

Prairie Mary