Monday, January 08, 2007

"Little Whisky Prajer?"

I'm slowly regaining my balance, clawing my way back from "coughing up a lung" mode to "composing something of interest" mode. I searched high and low for something to comment on, and found my muse in Searchie (so far as I'm concerned, Ms. LaFemme, a comparison to Siouxsie Sioux, Peepshow-era, is indeed a compliment (said album being my fave Siouxsie effort)).

I've only once been mistaken for a celebrity, and that was as I was leaving Germany, of all places: the woman who took my boarding pass confused me with a star in one of the national soap operas. I can only assume this is a flattering comparison, because I've seen no pictures of the actor in question. The girl asked me a few questions, and quickly realised her error when she heard me butcher her native tongue in response. Darn it all, but if I'd only been more fluent I might have conned my way into a first-class return to Canada.

The only North American celeb comparison I've received is with folk-rocker Steve Forbert. That was 15 years ago, when my hair fell past my shirt-collar and I kept a clean chin -- no-one would think to make the comparison now, when my scalp and my chin sport hair growth that's more or less the same length. And if I'm not mistaken, I've probably got a few inches' height advantage on Mr. Forbert. But he's a smart-looking cad, and quite the talent to boot, so if you feel compelled to point out the similarities, I'm fine with that (I wouldn't deign to speak on Mr. Forbert's behalf).


DarkoV said...

Not sure, Mr. WP. Have you seen Little Steve Forbert recently? (Can't seem to Google an image when I need it!@?@L"!":L). He may still look like you. He was playing in the Philly area recentlay and I had a chance to see him. Same deliciously innocent voice..but his body has betrayed him. Too many late night musings over pizza and beer, I'm thinking, along with a progressive hair loss that should have him thinking about growing some facial hair. Soon.

Almost great minds think alike, I guess. Searchie's entry today gave me some needed grist for the mill as well.

DarkoV said...

,.....not to say that you've been enjoying the beer & pizza circuit yoursefl, but, the book tour must be unloading you in front of a lot of covered dishes that you msut sample to not offend.

And the hair commetn? Well, let's face it, hair's just a passing fad.

Searchie said...

Steve Forbert - now that's a man. Your mention of him brings back long-ago memories of drives to weekend ski houses in distant lands, all accompanied by a Forbert soundtrack.

As I write this, I'm squinting at the fuzzy, out-of-focus photograph on the back cover of your book, trying in vain to discern a resemblance. (Your book is up next, by the way.)

Whisky Prajer said...

Darko - I last saw SF at the Winnipeg Folk Festival two summers ago. When he loped on-stage, I was originally a little surprised at the physical transformation - ten years' earlier he was of "medium build", I'd say. But then he's hardly the first performer to lose the rakish physique of his youth: I remember seeing Peter Case a year after he quit smoking. You can't tell me nicotine doesn't keep a person thin. I've no idea what Forbert's status is when it comes to the smoking "habit", but certainly the beer & pizza circuit will take a physical toll on any performer.

Searchie - Without the coif, I very much doubt there exists any resemblance between me and SF. When it's long, my hair tends to fall the same way his does, but it hasn't been that length in many years. Were I to grow it out again, people might mistake me for a perfomer - and that could pose problems.