Friday, September 29, 2006

Reconvening With The Monks of Fall

I'm off to the Kawarthas to meet with my mates and slurp single malts. It's been 18 years and counting with this crew. The day someone scraped together the lucre for a bottle of Lagavulin was quite the revelation. Up to that point we'd been scruffy beer drinkers, who occasionally dipped into bourbon or blended whiskies that had a nose reminiscent of unleaded petrol.

But Lag! Oh! Oh my!!

I have cooled on Lag, since then. There's just too much contained in that tiny little glass. And it's bloody expensive. A bottle of Laphroaig is less than half the price, and its remove from Lag is not significant enough (to this aging palate, at least) to merit the expense. Last year our hurtin' Albertan introduced us to Bowmore Darkest, which was the hands-down highlight of the weekend. Not that different in price from Lag, but its pleasures were so much more nuanced than Lag's punch-in-the-gut.

But I ramble. I ramble because this year I have nothing to read to these jokers. I ramble because I have nothing more to say. So here's a picture of what I did on my summer vacation:

That's me, up in Northern Alberta. I pitched in with my brother in law and his friends to assemble a grain bin. The scene wasn't exactly raising the barn for Kelly McGillis (but then I'm not Harrison Ford -- and thank God for that!), but it was an incredibly satisfying day.

Alright, back on Monday. (Hey, Pattie -- we call ourselves The Nick Adams Society!)


DarkoV said...

Sounds like a sipping weekend packed with tall tales.

Will you be giving besotted readings of your soon-to-be-released tome? Or gathering evidence and source material for the next book?

And, most importantly, which of these fine intoxicants is best for one's verbal expressive skills?

DarkoV said...

Oh, and the picture?

Title it Silo Envy

ジョエル said...

You know, even with that disclaimer I still can't help picturing that scene from that movie...What is that movie again?

Whisky Prajer said...

DV - these jokers have been my trial audience for the last 18 years, and I will print six stories that "worked". They got a break from my literary cooking this year.

There were a few Irish malts this year, which weren't bad, but didn't have the weighty body to them that can really get a guy speaking in tongues (or at least a badly-aped brogue).

JS - The movie was Witness. I enjoyed it, back when, but lately I've been getting a bigger kick out of John Waters' dissing of it ("You don't see me asking for censorship of scenes that have always bothered me. Where were the censors during the barn-raising scene in Witness?") What a clown!

Cowtown Pattie said...

Quite a unique moniker for your band of rebels!

I sort of prefer the "Johnny Yuma Society"...

Whisky Prajer said...

It certainly helps when you've got Johnny Cash singing the club's theme song.