Friday, September 01, 2006

Choosing One's Seal

Tsk - DV lured me to this site, and now I can't decide which seal I like best - Sub-Genius:

Not "whisky", but still:

Of course, there's always Star Trek:


DarkoV said...

That Sub-Genius pipe-smoking guy looks like an escapee from here.

That Martini 'n Olive seal seems a bit too Metrosexual for you, CP. No bottles of Single Malt available.

And why are you only giving yourself a title of Vice Admiral? too modest, I think.

paul bowman said...

Oh, No. 1 by all means, if it's a question of choosing one. — Do you know, that's actually almost exactly the imaginary version of you that always attends my reading here, in mind's eye?

Whisky Prajer said...

dv - although I'm your typical underachiever, "vice admiral" wasn't so much aspirational (as the kids these days like to say) as it was a play on words.

pb - Sub-Genius is my fave, I do believe. Very DEVO, which isn't always a bad thing (but should you try to spot me on the street, be assured: the man has a cleaner chin than I, and more of it).

Cowtown Pattie said...

Kirk Douglas chin...mmm!

Yes, numero uno is the winner! Don't like the martoonie glass one..

dan h. said...

I vote for #1 too. Nice grin.

ジョエル said...

Must I choose? Okay, #1 is pretty cool. Kind of has a retro "This modern World" feel to it. But there's something funny about a martini glass too. And the Star Trek fan in me wants to lean towards #3

Scott said...

Oh, it's gotta be the pipe guy.

All the way.