Friday, July 14, 2006

Film Fave #10:

I'm afraid you won't get any profound analysis in this entry. I most enjoy watching Fellini's on a late night, when I can't sleep. It serves as my dream-life, I suppose.

Film Fave #9


DarkoV said...

My daughter caught me late one night watching the dvd.

"Don't you watch any normal movies?", she asked.
"You know, ones in English with conversations you may hear in real life?"

Real Life?

Hmmm, way over-rated. Let me swim in the waters of alternative views.

WP, in total, or in order, would you say that the B&W movies out-reign the Color movies for immediate AND long-term affects on your psyche? (I know this is going ot sound wierd...) When you think of these 15 films, do you "translate" them from B&W to Colour, or vice-versa? Not always, but on occassion?

Say with this scene you have pictured in 8 1/2". I see it and I think of the colour of "Il Postino" or "Swept Away".

Whisky Prajer said...

Interesting question. No, I don't usually "translate" like that, except with television shows - the result, I think, from watching b&w TV as a kid. There's something about watching the original Star Trek in b&w that really brings out the warm and fuzzies in me. And I usually dream in colour.

Whisky Prajer said...

Looks like I missed your most compelling query: I do think b&w movies out-reign the colour ones when it comes to long-term effects on the psyche, but it probably has less to do (in my case) with the chosen palette than it does with the pacing. I just realized, after posting this, that I'd recently dreamed of encountering an enormous "rocket launch" in the middle of an Ohio field. The dream was in colour, but my experience of it was langorous and larger than life - very much akin to the closing scenes of 8½.

the patriarch said...

This is my favorite movie. I almost hate that it is because when someone asks you what your favorite movie is and you answer, "8 1/2," you canot avoid coming off as an unbearable twit. But I can't help it. Maybe it's my Catholic background. This movie is so fucking Catholic. I could go on and on about this flick. It's the best cinematic reprentation of the subconscious I can think of.

Whisky Prajer said...

= #1 for you, eh? That would be a burden. Still, it could be worse: it could be Gidget!

the patriarch said...

It is. In fact, I usually just lie and say it's Raiders of the Lost Ark just to avoid the ensuing explanantions. It's only a little lie, though, as Raiders is right up there.