Friday, July 28, 2006

The Bridge Drive-In

Every town has one: an ice-cream stand that opens in the spring and attracts a crowd. The fare is anywhere from average to above-average, but people don't really show up for the food -- they show up for the romance. Your father bought his sweetheart a milkshake here, way back when. You did the same. Now you're taking the kids. They don't know it yet, but the light they see tonight will eventually take on a nostalgic hue.

Winnipeg is a decidedly quirky town, and it has dozens of such spots. But it has only one Bridge Drive-In.


DarkoV said...

These last two photos' perspective is indicative of...of... rejection from one's tribe!!?!

There are the people, indistinguishable in the sunset of the ball field or the haze of ice-cream Nirvana.

And you? You're back..back...way back. And please don't tell us that's so you could catch the plentitude of people. You are now an Easterner and the Westerners would rather not have those Ontario swells nudging into their karma.

Scott said...

Every town has one: a Mennonite commentator whose work is enjoyed by many and who is missed terribly when he vanishes for a couple weeks...

Andrew said...

Hope you're enjoying your trip out west.