Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sorry To See The Winter Go

It's been raining all day, making everything cold, gray and brown. But that's spring for you. Have I mentioned how sorry I am to see the winter go?


DarkoV said...

If, by winter, you mean snow, snow, and some more snow, than count yourself lucky that you had a winter. We had one dribbly snowstorm immediately followed by 50 degree weather and flooding. Where the hell was that Canadian cold front? At the border, getting patted down due to the new terrorist regs? The only indicator of winter here was the 2 X 4 upside-the-head monthly utility bill.

And, to boot, I didn't have kids playing in the snow outside my window! No winter sighs of parenthood for this guy! I've been gypped.

Whisky Prajer said...

Oog - sounds like your "winter" is the equivalent of our early spring. Is this my cue to stop whining?

Trent Reimer said...

Even in "Winterpeg" I think we had a sum total of two or three arctic air flows for the entire season. You could probably count on one hand (and certainly on two) the number of times it dipped below -30.

What I love about -30:

The full moon is encircled by a crystal halo. The air is too cold to bear impurities; it is so pure you can taste it, like the kiss of pure mountain waters. The night is silent except for the cheerful, irreverend squeaking of the snow beneath your boots. Somehow the stars are brighter. And then the northern lights burst into flame, sometimes raging bonfires, sometimes quiet flickers, rising and fading with an eerie evanescence.

The thick lake ice groans and shudders like a sleeping giant. And you know you are witness to the wonder of God.

Cowtown Pattie said...

Trent - you make minus 30 degrees sound like heaven!

In my part of Texas, winter has been almost nonexistent. Okay by me, the lower gas heating bills have allowed me to splurge on my more pleasant vice - books.