Friday, September 23, 2005

What a glorious time to be free....

I climbed behind the wheel of my car, shut the door, got the thing rolling and drove off at a nice, slow pace. My friend had borrowed the car earlier, and left this in the CD player:

It was playing at a lower volume than I usually have it, so that the bass was almost lost while the highs hissed and tapped away, holding down the backbeat. I thought, This is the soundtrack of a mature man, driving car with the windows rolled up and the a/c on.


Trent Reimer said...

But how do you whistle at the 20-somethings with your windows rolled up? I'd rather wash in another layer of "just for men" and pump up the alternative station while tapping to the beat in my blue skate shoes.

Whisky Prajer said...

When you drive a car as classy as the '01 Echo, 20-somethings start whistling at you.

DarkoV said...

What a great record! Along with a nice glass of sherry, this record tempts me to taking up smoking again. Now that would be the tops.
A glass of sherry.
A cigarette.
The Nightfly on the cd player.
Does the Echo one have the steering-less option to allow you to drive while smoking, imbibing, and listening? If not, stop and get one of the 20-somethings ot do the chaufeering while you sluch back in the passenger's seat and take on the urban sophisticate pose. I believe Mr. DeVries, in one of his books, calls this the Life of the Boulevardier.

Whisky Prajer said...

No life of the Boulevardier for me, alas. I might - might - get away with driving, imbibing and listening, but were I to ever light up inside the car, my name would be mud with the three women of my life.