Saturday, January 05, 2019

Rattling in my brain-pan...

In the belly of the beast.
All I will say about this holiday season is: thank God for hospital WiFi (we are all fine, thank you). Some links that have me cogitating:
  • “I was dumbstruck. I left praising Christ, and thanking God for this enemy” — the priest of Abu Ghraib.
  • “My biggest revelations from 2018 came from an indie video game” — Unlike classic platformers that drag you through levels to rescue the kidnapped princess or to foil a supervillain, Celeste’s motives are purely internal
  • “If we have souls, we should be worried about them” — a review of Mark Edmundson’s Self & Soul: A Defense of Ideals. I waited seven years for it; turns out Edmundson’s was the book that most bugged me this past year, a singularly high/low watermark, depending.
More anon, I hope.
"Make me a real, live girl."

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