Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Józef Czapski, recovered

I'm a sucker for NYRB books.
...a SMALL sampling...
They're just so purty I could go on a tear and fill a bookcase with 'em, if only to please my eye.

I don't, of course — we (VERY POINTEDLY) do not have the shelf space. My parameters of purchase are: was I previously aware and desirous of this particular author/book? Do I enjoy the work of the person selected for the introduction? There are more than a few NYRB editions that I've bought solely for the intro. Sometimes that is as far as I read.

Until this morning, I was not at all aware of Józef Czapski — but with this excellent introduction and this celebration, I have now put Lost Time: Lectures on Proust in a Soviet Prison Camp and Inhuman Land: Searching For The Truth In Soviet Russia, 1941-1942 on my list of purchases for my next visit to BMV's flagship store in Toronto's Annex.


quareidfaciam said...

Just getting to that LARB article today. Well worth (so far) the read — thanks!

‘Merezhkovsky told Czapski that the path to heaven was muddy, that God most valued those who besmirched themselves while trying to do right.’ Damn poets!

pdb said...

Should add that I was halfway through it before bothering to look at writer’s name. If I’d paused a second further to think about it, could probably have guessed at that point. Grateful for the connections he draws.

pdb said...

(Partly an admission that I barely looked at what specifically I was clicking on in your post, of course, and of some failure in general to be all that observant a reader.)

Whisky Prajer said...

I'd be a poor one to judge anyone else for paying closer attention upon a second read. ;)