Friday, March 23, 2018

Music hath charms...

...but before we soothe, let us inflame (because the world needs more of that, doesn't it?).

The figure on the right bears a striking resemblance to JD; the figure on the left...

I've been a fan of "Colonel" J.D. Wilkes and The Legendary Shack-Shakers' Xtreme-Psycho-Billy stylings since Cockadoodledon't (2003). Wilkes' Fire Dream -- the follow-up to his (vis-à-vis the Shakers) divorce album After You've Gone -- is acoustic, and possibly more disturbing because of it.

This guy loves it, too:

I saw Between The Buried And Me open for this guy a couple of years ago. At the time their album Coma Ecliptic was a critical darling. Automata I isn't garnering quite the same love, which is a shame -- I think it is a more focused and driven and structurally impressive step forward for the band. Can't wait for II.

For "soothing" you can't beat Bill Frisell.

Or Brad Meldau.

"After Bach" -- very Bach-y, very Easter-y.

Speaking of Easter-y -- it's not a frame of mind I easily enter into. I tend to square my shoulders and frog-march myself through the Lenten Season and its conclusion. "You don't get the religion without the cross, empty tomb, etc., so suck it up and be happy for those who more easily dig it."

Behind the blue-and-white velvet rope I noticed that some from the "easily dig it" group were posting this guy's abject apology, followed by the offending video. And ... what can I say? ... the entire kit-and-caboodle hit me in the solar-plexus.

I sent the link to a number of friends, to see what they thought. I didn't get many responses back, but the consensus among those who did seemed to be, "You gettin' soft there, WP? (Not that that's a bad thing!)"

Ah, maybe I am. I approached my wife next.
She: It has this lovely, very gentle, call-and-response — not at all the bullying, “Can I get an 'amen'?”
Me: Yes — amen! And, I dunno maybe I'm stretching things, but don't you think it kinda syncs up with the back end of what René Girard is saying?
She: Hm. The whole Revelation thing.
Me: Revelation 5 — shall I recite?
She: . . . aaahmm . . . ? 
Plus, I am privileged to know people like this -- sincere folks who are stepping out and putting themselves on the line in an effort to do right and extend the table. They make their share of bone-headed mistakes to be sure, but I am grateful to be in their company, so what can I say but thank-you -- and shalom.

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