Friday, September 08, 2017

Places with words and stuff

Here endeth Week One of the Truly Empty Nest. I'm having trouble finding words, so I'll suggest a few places where they reside.
  • Mourning Walter: "His death moved me in a way few musical deaths of my own generation have done." Creative partner Donald Fagen's commemorative post is touching and incisive -- as is critic Terry Teachout's, here. I hope to scratch out a commemoration of my own, but these will have to do for now.
  • Tangential to the musical fixations of Donald & Walter -- this is kinda cool: an original one-page adaptation by Leslie Cabarga of Al Dubin’s and Harry Warren’s classic Depression-era song, “With Plenty of Money & You,” recorded by Count Basie and Tony Bennet, from Lean Years, published by the Cartoonists Co-op Press, May 1974.
  • I'm a sucker for "ruin porn" -- here is a collection of GIFs contrasting the grandeur of Poconos resort promotional postcards with the abandoned ruins they've become.
  • "Even a bad movie becomes kind of good if you watch it over someone's shoulder" -- in an airplane, natch.
  • LEGO revenues are down. Speaking as one among (I am sure) a legion of disappointed dads, I have to wonder if this couldn't have been prevented had they produced enough Saturn V kits for Father's Day.
This guy is just pissing me off.
  • Ending on a musical note: Living Colour are still together, and still producing kick-ass music -- new kick-ass music, even. In a just world these guys would be bigger than . . . well, any number of wheezy acts coasting on the music they made when they were kids in the '90s.


paul bowman said...

Glancing back (via search box) over your posts touching on ‘the Dan.’ Experiencing a moment of embarrassment, now with Becker’s passing, at how thoroughly I’ve neglected to make up for lack of exposure to them in youth. The list of acts so neglected is long, it’s true, but I have reason enough to think these guys worth prioritizing one way or another, and I just haven’t.

Afraid ‘This Moody Bastard’ is completely new to me. And I’m looping it tonight, it seems. That clarinet cracks me up — and awes, a little.

Well, looking forward to your longer look at Becker.

Whisky Prajer said...

"Cracks up and awes, just a little" -- precisely the response Becker was looking for, I daresay.