Saturday, May 14, 2016

RIP, Darwyn Cooke

What shocking, rotten news.

If the comic was Cooke's, I gave it my attention. His style had its own ribald life force, pleasantly frisky, and imbued with a sense of sass and joy entirely Cooke's own.

Teen Titans, rockin' it.
I can't think of another working comics artist (still very much a boys' club) who loved women the way he did -- the way women love to be loved, I daresay.

Function, capitalizing on Form: Cooke's Catsuit.

Cooke's Wonder Woman was the only Wonder Woman I ever cared for (she towers over the boys, even Soop).

I didn't blog about everything of his I read -- but he certainly got me to the keyboard, with greater frequency than even Frank Miller. Speaking of whom, Cooke's recent tribute to Miller makes me wish they'd colluded.

I am going to miss him something fierce.

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