Friday, January 29, 2016

Identity, among other concerns

Late January, and the words that show up for work aren't the ones I requested -- somebody else got 'em.

How The Homeless Listen To Music -- Low-income, no-income and 12-Step subculture is its own music scene, and Chris Estey does a terrific job of fleshing it out.

Teller (the silent half of Penn & Teller) is always worth listening to. Here he is on the art of teaching.

Letters Bookshop, Toronto's go-to boutique for "nut-bar" titles, has relocated to Thunder Bay. Owner Nicky Drumbolis clearly resents the return to his home-town. Shame, that -- T-Bay is a pleasantly freaky city, to my way of thinking.

"There doesn't seem to be much weightiness in Facebook selves" -- Richard Sennett in a conversation about the public self. (Looks like Spiked is devoting some serious time to "self" -- I see Charles Taylor is also on-board.)

And speaking of public selves -- "Make me a real, live boy": an outed Pick-Up Artist and his former paramours -- are they on the road to recovery?

"Are any of us?"

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