Monday, December 14, 2015

While you were waiting for the new Star Wars movie to come out ...

...the trailer for the next Star Trek movie ("Beyond") was "leaked"/released. It looks like this:

Well. Somehow having 'Sabotage' become the de facto theme song for the Star Trek franchise seems . . . appropriate.

I'm disappointed, but hardly surprised. The previous movie lurched away from the patiently cultivated bonhomie in the first, in favour of inflating all the weaknesses and absurdities -- more running! more hanging from cliffs! etc -- so why should this outing veer off-course?

Other Trek fans are somewhat more perturbed. To wit: "The new Star Trek trailer is worse than Hitler" says Steven Lloyd Wilson.

"No! It's worse than ... Kodos, the ... Executioner!!"
All links via Scott Dagostino (live long and prosper, dude).


Joel Swagman said...

I hate to say this outloud, but I will be seriously emotionally gutted if the upcoming Star Wars movie is a disappointment.

In my childhood, the 3 original Star Wars movies always represented cinematic perfection--these were the best movies ever.
And sure, the Holiday Special and the Ewoks movies were not very good, but we were willing to forgive that because they weren't really official Star Wars.

That's why everyone felt so emotionally angry when the prequels were so terrible. But we've gotten over that now because Prequels are prequels. They were never expected to move the story forward.

This new Star Wars movie though has to be good, or I'm going to severely disappointed.

Star Trek, however, has always been different. We have so many hours of bad Star Trek already behind us--some of it going all the way back to original TV show, especially the third season, all the odd numbered movies, plus Nemesis, the whole first season of TNG, et cetera....
If this new Star Trek movie is bad, I'm just going to shrug my shoulders and wait to see what the next Star Trek will be like.

The only thing I really ask out of Trek is that they don't mess with continuity, so that the new stuff doesn't spoil what came before (Granted, this is a concern that only us nerds have, but I am a nerd.)

Darrell Reimer said...

A motorcycle with an internal combustion engine, however, is a plethora of bad that nearly fifty years of Trek has managed to avoid -- until now. Trek needs to slip into an alternate universe tout de suite.

quareidfaciam said...

Looks like Marvel to me. A little of that Downey Jr pixie dust, and we could be seeing a new big-screen Star Trek variation every year.

quareidfaciam said...

Ah, Zoe Saldana is Uhura. I just caught that. (Haven’t seen any of these movies yet.) It is pretty close to a Marvel movie, isn’t it?

Whisky Prajer said...

That's certainly the attempted trajectory. The first movie worked very well within those parameters, the second not at all. This looks like they're just mimicking.

Lots of Blogger comments along the lines of "Well, SOMEONE must've enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy!"

Darrell Reimer said...

Joel -- things are looking like they should.