Wednesday, April 01, 2015


I pulled on my boots and hit the asphalt. A quarter mile out of town, a black RAV ahead of me slowed down and came to a stop. It was O__, the retired teacher. She rolled down the window.

“You walking, now?”

“Trying to get back into the habit.”

“Well, watch out for the turkeys.”

“It’s a small town, O__; you’ll bump into them sooner or later.”

“Smart ass. I’m talking about wild turkeys. Keep heading west, you’ll see ‘em.”


“Maybe take a stick with you. Or just tell ‘em another dumb joke. That might get ‘em running.” She made a point of peeling off, and I resumed my walk.

Fifteen minutes later, I spotted the birds. They’d left the ditch for a field of levelled corn. They didn’t look dangerous to me, but they were certainly large enough to pose a threat, were they of a mind to.


paul bowman said...

Heard a story about wild turkeys taking over a block in a small town a while back. Two items turn up on NPR — not sure if either was the one I heard:

Do you get any of that kind of thing happening up your way?

Darrell Reimer said...

Huh. No, there hasn't been activity quite like that around here -- yet. I believe there are enough active hunters in this neck of the woods that such natural aggression would likely be responded to in kind -- in or out of season.