Friday, November 21, 2014

“How About Reviewing Some Actual BOOKS, Prajer?”

A friend asks me why it’s been so long since I posted a book review that didn’t involve talking ducks. Have I stopped reading novels, biographies, etc?

Answer: I am indeed still reading novels, biographies, etc. Not as ravenously as I used to, mind you. For most of my life I was a sucker for the midlist. Now I find it difficult to work up much interest in that material. I’d rather skirt toward the marginal, which is easier to mull over. Unfortunately, giving the marginal its proper due takes more effort than breezily opining on the stuff everybody is already yakkin’ about.

Also: I think the internet has really changed the way books ought to be reviewed. I’m all for the “Deep Read” — I still take pleasure in long essays, and am keen to contribute what I can to the craft — but is that what we log on to read? An innovative site like Wink has me wondering.

Anyway, I’ve got further thoughts on the matter, which I hope to explore a bit. I’ve also got a ringette tournament in St. Catharines, so . . . you know where my priorities are at.

Not one talking duck in sight.


paul bowman said...

Hmm, I can see where Wink could get to be a habit.

paul bowman said...

Nice Christmas gift leads there, though.

Joel said...

I agree with Paul, the Wink site looks interesting. Thanks for the link.

... although I'm not sure Wink represents a reason not to blog about books so much as it does an alternative method to use.

Darrell Reimer said...

Well, that's where I was trying to go with this post. Blogging as a medium is so much more flexible and dynamic than just posting yet another long-form essay. How best to mix it up so that the review is something that engages those of us who dig books and the internet?