Monday, June 25, 2012

Sergio De La Pava: This glass slipper fits!

The strange case of Sergio De La Pava first captured my attention with its Cinderella story: "Self-published author snags prestige treatment from University of Chicago Press!" When I first read the page (via this link) I considered "sharing" it via FB and all the other channels, but decided against it, since it seemed like little more than another Wacky Lottery Win story. It said nothing new about the roiling sea-change hitting the publishing scene, or the current state of American lit-fic, or really anything else beyond the fact that this dude just received a significant nudge out of obscurity.

Garth Risk Hallberg corrects this with a vengeance, over at The Millions. De La Pava seems like an interesting chap. More than that, his book looks interesting too — Pynchonian in a way that few have been able to muster (or master). Colour me curious.

Update: CT Books & Culture has a punchy, wide-ranging conversation with SDLP, here.

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