Saturday, May 05, 2012

Awaiting Lethem's Fear of Music

Jonathan Lethem's contribution to the 33 1/3 library, a meditation on Talking Heads' Fear of Music, is already garnering mucho amor. I've reined in my 33 1/3 purchases — the bulk of the series only rates a "fair-to-middlin'" — but went ahead and placed this on pre-order with, figuring they'd get it before I had a chance to visit any of my favourite indie bookstores.

My mistake, alas; I'm still waiting. But I'm fairly assured that Lethem's book will join the few exemplary volumes in the series.


DarkoV said...

Few Exemplary Volumes? Oh...this should top them all.

ARTIS said...

Breithaupt's "Aja" is conspicuous by its absence in the last three links. Its the best of the 33 1/3 lot, but I plead "guilt as charged" for being a biased gift receiver.

Whisky Prajer said...

Re: Breithaupt -- corrected, thank you. I hesitated only because Brian Sweet's book in '98 covered much of the same ground. Breithaupt's book still qualifies, though: his technical approach to The Dan's most technically fluent album is pitch-perfect.