Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Be It Resolved

NB: The pages on the right are Woody Guthrie's New Year's Resolutions for 1942.

January = New Year? Hardly. Late autumn is the season I typically think of as the beginning of the next year. It offers that brief glimpse into the long view, which is in fact a short stretch of months when household and personal concerns can be addressed with some precision of focus, before the seasonal tide of hormonal zeal returns with spring.

Still, the weeks following Christmas do prompt some reevaluation of the course. Here are some thoughts I've had about mine:

1) Keep posting, once a week minimum. Blown already. D'oh!

2) New blog? Life brings funerals. With the recent passing of my last surviving grandparent I've been given to meditating on generational perspectives, particularly in religious matters. Perhaps the time has come to publicly disclose some of that “grist in the mill.” God knows there's a heap of it.

3) Start stretching. I'm reasonably disciplined about the other physical activity a person ought to attend to, but not at all when it comes to stretching. If passing the 45-mark has hit me with a lesson, it is that I cannot ignore this discipline any longer. Speaking of which . . .

4) Use this book, diligently. Plantar Fasciitis hurts like a mother, let me tell you.

5) Play more hockey.

6) Get a job.

Not necessarily listed in order of importance (obviously).


paul bowman said...

What sort of job options are you considering? What's the market like up there?

Whisky Prajer said...

I'm keen on library work, actually. We'll see how the "market" is.

paul bowman said...

That's a very appealing thought.