Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some Brief, Reactionary Thoughts On 300 — Because That's All The Film Merits

I watched Zack Snyder's 300 last night — my first, and (God willing) only, time. If the blogosphere is any indication, 300 has usurped Ridley Scott's Gladiator as the alpha-male-wannabe's movie of choice. I'd say I was equally entertained by both flicks — which is to say, not very. Back when I read the comic book it had never struck me as such a thin retelling of Rob Roy (wp). But there it is.

Alright: on to the ledger. On the minus side: yak, yak, yak/hack, hack hack; humorless cartoon hijinx, self-regarding seriousness way off the charts.

On the plus side: loved the digital texture(!), as well as much of the soundtrack; the script is an endless cornucopia of unintended giggles. And gay men must LOVE this film! Man, this film is gayer than Socrates on a bender in Lesbos! Back up that dump truck, Zack; we'll take those ironies right here!


DarkoV said...

An embarrassing admission.
I went to see this movie went it first came out because 1) It was showing at an IMAX theater in Pittsburgh.
2) It was a daughter-father opportunity.
3) In wintertime, in the dark cold dark (did I say dark 2-3 times yet?) nights of winter in Pittsburgh, going to an IMAX movie showing of any movie is the thing to do.
4) I was bewildered by all of the hype.

While I agree with your minuses AND your pluses, the experience of seeing the movie @ an IMAX theater blinded me to the minuses. THere were older women crying (yes...crying) at some of the scenes. THere were a lot of people cringing and ducking in their seats. And, yes, thee were a LOT of guys hollering "DUUUUUUUUDE" at appropriate and inappropriate times.

Did I like the movie? Nahhh. Did I like the experience of seeing it live in the first week it was showing while there was palpable testosterone in the movie theater and minimal laughter? Yep, yes I did. I'd probably not see it again as there's no point but a one night stand with "300" was certainly memorable.

IMAX does save all things.

Whisky Prajer said...

There can be no higher testament to the IMAX format's ability to baffle and bewilder than this: "crying."



Man, I saw Star Trek on IMAX, and found myself frequently confused by what was happening on that football stadium sized screen -- and I'd already seen the movie four times on screens much smaller. Mind you, there's so much slo-mo decapitatin' and jugulatin' happening in this movie that I could almost see it actually working on the IMAX format.

Not that I'll be queuing up should IMAX be attempting a 300 revival night.

DarkoV said...

The IMAX version was so explicit that gagging at the too-close-for-stomach-troubles shots of toe jammy feet in stench-packed sandals was hard to control.

Whisky Prajer said...

Alright: now I'm crying.