Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Music

Our family requires a little pep in their morning soundtrack when Mondays roll around. Usually breakfast is served with a dash of Big Band music, courtesy of Verve Records (one of the first CDs I purchased back in the 80s, actually -- A). Other times, if the girls are insistent, I'll mix something up.

A frequent launching tune for the Monday Mix is "So Why Not Now?" by Peachfuzz, from their album About A Bird (A, e -- the title track is similarly infectious). I was introduced to these guys by Little Steven Van Zandt, who is partial to "Hero Of Nineteen Eighty Three" from Catch Your Snap (A, e). Musically, this group hearkens to a California sound some twenty years prior to that fabled year: the drummer is heavy on the cymbals, the guitars are jangly and the bassist holds it all down.

I've enthused about this band before, but these are the tracks that keep showing up on our family playlist.


DarkoV said...

"the drummer is heavy on the symbols"?

w/o a college degree, his playing may be hard to interpret, don't you think?

Whisky Prajer said...

Arf, arf! Noted and changed, thank you.