Friday, November 27, 2009

The Would-Be Lego Gate-Crasher

My condolences to those U.S. American readers who must endure Black Friday. Although I've occasionally queued up on opening night for a movie, gate-crashing a Wal-Mart — or Apple store — has never appealed to me. Being mildly agoraphobic has its advantages.

Mind you, if your local Lego outlet is putting these beauties on a Black Friday sale, I could see why the irrationality of the crowd might take hold:

Does Lego's Falling Water have a better insulation rating than the real thing?


paul bowman said...

If you mean, is no insulation better than soaking wet insulation, answer undoubtedly is yes. : )

The AIA's newsletter recently ran a series on Fallingwater, which you might enjoy. Last installment is here; the rest available via sidebar menu.

[today's captcha: thookles]

paul bowman said...

My dear R., woman of the world & many pairs of shoes, on staying home day after Thanksgiving: 'These people are not serious shoppers ... What is all this crowd doing in my happy place?!'

Whisky Prajer said...

"My happy place" -- nice!

It seems remarkable to me just how much attention Falling Water continues to receive. I'd say there is no shortage of eccentric residences that capitalize on their location/ecosystem. But I suppose most of them were built by architects with a lesser name-value.