Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Anticipating Star Trek: It's Deja Vu All Over Again

I've just finished reading the comic book prequel to this weekend's assured block-buster. Because I have had been so merrily public in my sneering at Paramount and Abrams, I believe it behooves me to confess: I'm getting pretty stoked!

Second confession: the comic is a hoot.* It has managed to set the stage more sumptuously than any of the trailers have, because it's the first thing I've seen that persuades me the writers are up to the task. Yep: it's deja vu all over again.

The last word goes to The Onion.

*The franchise treatment of time travel remains laughably superficial, but it's much too late to correct any of that now. All we can do is hope the next movie resurrects Edith Keeler.


Joel said...

Since it might be a while before I see this movie out in Japan, you'll have to make sure and review it on your site for me. I haven't read the comic book prequel, but the early reviews coming in are all amazingly positive.

I also thought about the Edith Keeler paradox. In that episode, when someone went back in time they changed the future. In the new movie, my understanding is that they create a tangent universe instead. I guess I'll have to see how they execute it.

DarkoV said...

Though I'm usually not that interested in the Star Trek movies, I'll be in the theater watching this one.

Young Spock is portrayed by Zachary Quinto, a graduate of my daughter's college and there'll be an appearance by the late Randy Pausch, an admitted Star Trek fanatic.