Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Khan" is gone too?!

"The question I'm always asked is, 'Is that Ricardo Montalban's real chest?' And yes, that is his real chest." Star Trek II director Nicholas Meyer. I'm pretty sure the accent was genuine, too. Time to cue up "Fine Corinthian Leather" (e).


Joel said...

Huge star trek fan that I am, I didn't even hear about this till I saw your blog (good thing I check it).

I've never seen "The Prisoner", but I'm sure I could find some episodes floating around the internet somewhere.

Carl D. said...

And don't forget Majel Barrett who died just before Xmas. Gene Roddenberry's wife, the voice of the computer on Star Trek TNG, and of course Troy's mother. Oh boy..I guess I've confessed my attachment to all matters Trek!

Whisky Prajer said...

CD - not mentioning Majel Barrett is quite egregious on my part. Am I right in thinking she managed to get her voice, if not her entire bod, into every single ST project? She was also among the more frank interviews when it came to Trek matters. I was particularly amused when she wondered why Shatner's two volumes of "Star Trek Memories" weren't shelved under Fiction.