Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh. Right.

The News today. I know finances are a bit tight right now, but wasn't that worth $300 million?


DarkoV said...

$300 Mil?
A bargain, sir. It's estimated the the 2008 US prez elections will top 1One Billion (granted de-valued) US dollars.
And for that, all we get is one lo lousy candidate and one so-so one, while you get 5.

So, $300 Mil seems awfully reasonable

Whisky Prajer said...

"Reasonable" is subjective, I realize. Still, Harper spent that money to get another 16 seats in the house. That means each seat was worth $18,750,000 of our money. Frankly, I'd rather spend that cash on the supposed "pornography" our arts' budget is funding.

cs said...

Who did we pay that $300 million to? I'd love to see a breakdown. Putting a little Christmas spending money into the hands of election workers? If that’s it then it is kind of like giving your kids allowance to spend at a store that you own. In some initial searches I have not yet seen a breakdown of where the money actually went.

Whisky Prajer said...

That is the nearly-10-million-dollar question, isn't it? I confess it's not yet been in my nature to vote Conservative, but if Harper had offered me nine mil to vote for him I'd have run to the polls and voted for him as many times as possible. Indeed, I'm such a vote-slut I'd probably have settled for a mere $100,000. But that's probably why I am where I am and he is where he is.