Thursday, June 05, 2008

Today's Kirk-Spock Mash-Up

Every bit as brilliant as this one, and AMSFW -- Altogether More Suitable For Work (so long as the volume isn't too high, and you're not dancing to it).

Via boing-boing.


ジョエル said...

enjoyed that. Thanks

Whisky Prajer said...

Your welcome. I finally got caught up on some of the grief you've been through -- yikes! Glad I could bring a little sunshine into your day.

ジョエル said...

Yes, it's been a tough week. A crisis in my personal life interesected with a crisis in my blogging life. We'll, it was a tough lesson to learn, but hopefully I learned it and will be a lot more careful about posting personal info on my blog in the future.

Inspired by this video, I did a google search for some of the old Star Trek cartoons, which was a pleasant nostolgia trip. I remember you said you have been disappointed by them when you ordered the DVDs, but I thought they were just pleasantly cheesy enough, and even retained a bit of the original show's magic.