Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Podcast: Christian Punk

Christian Punk is available as a podcast. You can download it here, or if you prefer to stream it, go here. The file is 21 minutes long.

That's the last of 'em, for a little while at least. I've been tinkering with a larger project (I can't quite bring myself to say I'm "working" on it, since that would imply actual work on my part). I may throw a few snippets out, if only to get a sense of my authorial voice.

Which leads me to say: writer types could do worse than record themselves reading their work. Before I published these stories, I of course read them aloud to my long-suffering wife. She helped me edit them, then we published. Reading these stories into the mic one year later, I uncovered more than a few gaffs I wish had never slipped out into the public. So it goes. I'll make a few changes to the book (including Michael B's recommended "one space between sentences"), then have done with it. My apologies to completists (*cough* ... sorry, Mum).

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