Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Gifts Of Christmas Past


That's right: just by tripping across this entry, you've picked up the meme. Name, describe and/or photograph one of your favorite Christmas gifts.

Here's a photograph of some gifts from Christmas Past, deeply appreciated items one and all. One of these, however, rates as my all-time fave. Care to guess which it is (click on the picture if you need a closer look)?


Scott said...

That martini tie rocks, but I'll take "What is the Steely Dan boxset?" for $200, Alex.

Yahmdallah said...

Yeah, Citizen Steely Dan. I spin that thing constantly.

DarkoV said...

I'll go with the Paul Auster book unless that handwritten journal is the lost notes to DeVries' "Blood of the Lamb". If that's the case the hand-written notes are my choice.

Unless....if one of those play figurines is from one of your daughters. Especially if it is the first Christmas gift from one of your daughters, than that's my pick.

There, I think I covered all of the possibilities, except, most probably, the correct answer.

Jim said...

The manuscript.