Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hey, Nineteen! It's The Monks of Fall

The Nick Adams Society turns 19 this year. This is our final year at Lovesick Lake. The cottage has been sold, no doubt to someone intent on knocking it down and building something enormous in its stead. It remains to be seen just where the next NAS location is, or if we reconvene at all.

I'm bringing a bottle of 18-year-old Talisker, a single malt I'm partial to (regular readers will note that I tend to favor malts with a relatively clean finish -- though a bottle of Laphroaig is always a welcome sight).

Cheers. Here's to turning 19.


DarkoV said...

I hope that when you bought the bottle that it did come in that fine-looking box. Out in the Wilds, the box may offer the solace of a weekend project, a summary of 19 years in a shadow box sort of thing. This shaodw box could be the Nick Adams Society's version of the Stanley Cup. Each year's subsequent host is the "winner" of The Box and duly has to care for it (by storing it in the garage between the extra set of tires and the grass-blade jammed mower) until the following year.

But, seriously.
It's a shame that cabin has to go. Isn't there some governmental agency up there, either provincial or national, that you can convince to make the cabin a National Treasure (or whatever the official designation is up there) that would prevent its replacement by something structurally sound and utterly soul-less? I figure a couple of bottles of Talinker and you guys will have it all sorted out.

But, just in case, bring along the box.

Have an insightfully loud weekend!

DarkoV said...

Of course, Talinker is really Talisker. It's early; perhaps a nip is due.

Whisky Prajer said...

Ironically enough, I do believe Talisker was this year's winner of "most beloved single malt scotch" - a first for me! I'm still glowing. And drinking water (lots of water...).

Dan said...

Hey Friend-o,
Looks like you spoke two years too soon on this one. Here's to turning 21, eh?
And remember, this might be the end of an era, but it doesn't need to be the end of Nick.