Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Alive amid the roiling prairie sea

We're here! We've already had Tia Maria Torte and black coffee for breakfast, shopped at the surly-staffed McNally-Robinson superstore (thanks to their remainder purchaser, my suitcase is half-full!), and had some mighty fine vittles both purchased and home-cooked. Details and pictures to follow.


paul bowman said...

Sounds nice. Post away! (Vicarious vacationing is all I get these days.)

DarkoV said...

Is "surly-staffed" always the presumptive adjective for McNally-Robinson? Or is just the 'tude displayed to you now that you're from Ontario?

Whisky Prajer said...

PB - I'm having trouble synching the camera to the parental computer, for some reason.

DV - I'm guessing said 'tude is probably an "ageist" thing, since I'm now just about old enough to be these kids' father.