Thursday, April 05, 2007

Romantic Songs, Verging on Pertinence

DarkoV links to a survey of jazz musicians' "four or five most romantic songs". Then he opens the floor for the rest of us to suggest our five romantic faves, any genre. I've dropped mine. What are yours?


DarkoV said...

WP, an excellent topic, Romantic songs. Seems the other readers are going through life sans romance, so I'll double-post my comment here to your comment/list on my blog.

"WP, You are an old soul, aren't you? You probably put on the Nat King Cole, take your lovely spouse in your arms, and whirl around the living room (hopefully not bumping into that Jetson Sofa). Your daughters probably are watching, sighing, and thinking, "When will my prince come to sweep me off my feet?!" You're a poster man for Ideal Husband/Father of the Decade, I'd say, based on your choices.
"He'll have to Go" seems an odd choice for a Romantic song, as it involves a third party; perhaps a prelude to a romantic tune?
No razzberries from me re. the U2 song. Anyone willing to warble a song in front of people at a life-changing event only has my admiration. Romance and Cojones; yes they go well together."

Whisky Prajer said...

Re: "He'll Have To Go", I'm a sucker for any song that's about winning her back. This selection could have just as easily gone to Elvis singing, "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" The way he pours it on when he sings, "Is your heart filled with pain?" then backs down and tentatively asks the *real* question: "Should I come back again?" Oh my God: if you've got longing like that, you've definitely got romance.