Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Del Fuegos

Caught a touch of the "Where Are They Now?" bug after that last posting, particularly with regards to The Del Fuegos. By the time I caught up with their music (early 90s), they'd already broken up. Bummer. If 1985 produced a lonelier song than I Still Want You, I never heard it.

The All Music entry for them is typically succinct and informative. I'm particularly amused to see The Del Fuegos categorized as "Roots Rock / College Rock / Heartland Rock" The poor sods never had a chance! Wikipedia adds that drummer Woody Giessmann went on to found Right Turn, "a program offering assistance to artists recovering from drug addiction and other mental health issues" (you can't have too many of those) and that guitarist Warren Zanes is "Vice President of Education" at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (sounds like a thankless posting, but good on 'im).

Furthermore, frontman Dan Zanes seems to have launched a rewarding second career as children's entertainer. My daughters may be too old to willingly catch the infectious enthusiasm of Dan Zanes & Friends (the girls have moved on to the infectious enthusiasm of High School Musical), but I'm not. This guy cooks! Amazon here; eMusic here.

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