Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Justice Served

The last "Superhero Personality Test" I took registered me as The Flash ("fast, athletic, flirtatious" -- and just plain creepy). I'm obviously happier with my results in this test. Apparently I'm Spider-Man: "intelligent, witty, a bit geeky with great power and responsibility."

Spider-Man is my number one fave (has been since adolescence). The essence of his appeal is spelled out in bold letters on the masthead: "Peter Parker Is: The Amazing Spider-Man!" And vice-versa, of course. Spider-Man swings from a thread and frets over the domestic tedium he's supposedly left behind with one quick costume change. I think he qualifies as the only superhero who doesn't have an alter-ego.

It also looks like The Green Lantern was very much in the running. I'm not sure what tipped the scales (probably my enthusiastic response re: red-heads), but I'm fine with him, too -- especially as he was rendered in the 70s by Denny O'Neill and Neal Adams: socially conscious to the point of camp. C'est moi, mes amis. C'est moi.


DarkoV said...

These tests (at least to me) are getting to be like Personality SAT's.
Got 2000 out of 2400 the first time through.
Yeah, I'm on to them now!
2200 out of 2400, the 2nd time through.
O.K., do I roll the dice?
1850 out of 2400 the 3rd time.
Damn!!? I got dumber.
I'll keep on taking them until I get the score/character I know I really am.
Wonder if there's a Superhero Test tutorial offered by Kaplan?

I'm Hulk, with Ironman and Spidey 2nd & 3rd. First run-through!

Searchie said...

I was Superman first (85%), with Supergirl a close second (75%). Hmm ... was it my response to that push-up bra question, maybe?

Scott said...

If you follow the comics (and why would you? You're a grown man!) Spider-Man now officially has no alter-ego. Peter Parker's gone public (J. Jonah Jameson is amusingly hysterical) and both his lives are now tougher than ever.

Oh, the melodrama! :)

Trent Reimer said...

Like most citizens of Soviet Canuckistan I was just waiting for something like this to embolden me to finally espouse my true affectations for truth, justice and the American way! Boo-yeah!

Besides, blue fits in well at the local stadium. (Go Bombers!)

Scott said...

Wow, you thought I'd geeked out before but -- inspired by this chat and my own curiosity -- I popped in to the comic shop at lunch.

They just got in a Superman action figure from some 'alternate universe' comic where he landed in Russia instead of America. His costume is grey instead of blue and there's a hammer-and-sickle where the S would be.

It looks so wrong somehow -- it's awesome! Please stop me from buying it!

ジョエル said...

The 70s were before my time, but according to the Wikipedia article you linked to, wouldn't Green Arrow be the socially conscious one, and Green Lantern the conservative of the pair? I also recently read the DC Universe book "Inheritance", which also tended to support this interpretation.

Whisky Prajer said...

Scott - I will do no such thing. You'd best scarf up that toy right now, before I get there first.

ジョエル - technically, you (and Wikipedia) are correct: Green Arrow served as Green Lantern's tender, way-left-of-centre conscience (something Frank Miller capitalized on in The Dark Knight Returns). As with any comic book writing, particularly in the 70s, it was made quite clear that for all their head-butting, Green Lantern duly appreciated Green Arrow's point of view.