Monday, January 02, 2006

How about that weather?

It seems that proper blog etiquette requires some sort of summary from the entries of the past year. I took a quick tour down archive lane, and found myself strangely encouraged to see what tickled my muse in the last year: basically, little stuff that caught me by surprise. Hey, that bodes well for the future!

The one thing I didn't comment on was the weather. Strange, really, because it seemed to be freaky no matter where you lived. I saw the worst of it in Winnipeg this summer. Winnipeg's spring was one unrelieved torrential rain storm. When I arrived there in early July, I was astonished to see the Winnipeg floodway filled to capacity. You'll see that in spring -- but July?! One week later, the city was hit with a wind and rain storm that ripped up trees and tore off a few roofs. I was awake for the worst of it, staring out the window at the maelstrom while my wife and daughters slept. I sat and wondered what it would look like if the weather changed from "storm" to "tornado" -- and what would I do? I guess I still don't know the answer to either question.

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