Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Alan Moore Interview

I'm split on the work of comic book writer Alan Moore. His best stories are carefully polished affairs. They usually begin with an image that doesn't quite gel with the narrative he's proposing. By the end of the story, a mythical structure the reader has come to take for granted has been turned on its ear, and the reader discovers a new, unexpected center of gravity.

Moore obviously collaborates with his artists, and doesn't just dictate to them. But I wonder if the force of his personality doesn't end up paralyzing the artist, just a bit - in many of the books he's written, the artistry ends up looking cold and static, in contrast to the fluidity we see in Japanese and even American books. Perhaps the "high concept" is just a tad too high?

The man has personality to spare, though. He's also got an imagination that seems to fire up new and unused synapses in his brain as he gets older. This interview is one wild ride. Link thanks to Bookninja.

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Scott said...

Wow -- what a tremendous interview! I've enjoyed Alan Moore's work for years, though I agree with all of your criticisms. I think his collaborators are often in awe of him, which is never good for a cooperative effort.

But the ideas tearing through that man's head -- dizzying! He's very funny in person too, which sadly doesn't come across much in his writing.

Years ago, he did a pro-gay story for a charity collection that was later turned into a gorgeous little photo collection and he did another terrific interview:


"When The Advocate was interviewing me about "The Mirror of Love" they asked me what they describe as the Advocate question they ask everybody and I said “No I’m not! But I will admit to being curious.” Also my hallway and landing is the gayest thing anyone has ever seen. It is gay in every sense of the word. It’s beautiful different tones of blue going upwards in stripes and gold stars in descending trails. Then all over there is constellations shining through a dropped ceiling. There are cherubs everywhere including stealth cherubs which are painted midnight blue with golden stars painted all over them. I don’t know quite where I was going with that one."