Friday, December 03, 2004

The Daily Show gets Hitch'd

I watched Jon Stewart interview ... excuse me ... give the floor to Christopher Hitchens the other night. Two thoughts in response: 1) I find it ironic that Mother Theresa's religiosity gets Hitch frothing at the mouth, while Dubya's religiosity elicits little more than a shrug, or something akin to a nod of Machiavellian approval. 2) What's with the paper cup? Get the man a proper whisky glass, already!

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Scott said...

Yeah, Hitch is never dull. What I don't get though is how his belief that the Iraq war is justifiable (not shared by me but understood) allows him to give Bush a real big pass, while he went after Clinton with both guns blazing for admittedly serious but less-severe moral infractions.

Many liberals held their noses while supporting Clinton but I never that impression with Bush supporters, who praise him beyond all reason or sense.

And you're right -- while I see Hitchen's point about Mother Theresa's fealty to the church, she was still a dedicated caring person. Why does Bush get a pass?