Saturday, May 22, 2004

Meanwhile, back at the non-Disney, CGI-Animated Railway Headquarters...

It does get frustrating, raising girls in this "Ophelia-sensitive" society and repeating mantras like, "Most real princesses aren't especially happy with their lives," while dutifully bowing to their regal birthday wishes, coughing up the lucre for the latest Fairy-Tale Barbie. Kids don't often fall for their parents' words of wisdom. Repeat them often enough, and the kids will parrot you, then snatch the toy vixen, and scamper to the next room where they'll re-enact the same damn happily-ever-after scenario - again, and again, and again.

But of course that's the scenario they're exposed to, ad nauseum. Inject alternatives where you can, but this tedious story-line has been Disney's gold-laying goose, one they've been careful to feed and groom for over 50 years, and Disney cannot be dodged. I hope I'm not the only grown-up who's sick of it. But just in case I am alone, I'm encouraging every one of my parent-friends to take their kids to Shrek 2. Actually, I'm encouraging everyone to see it, regardless of their parental status. It's fun, it's irreverent, and it's sensible. Disney, take note.

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